School and College Chaplaincies

Through our SCM Connect Project, we're excited to work with school and college chaplaincies to help support young people who are preparing to go to university. In what can be a difficult time of transition, SCM wants to support young people by equipping them with the skills they need as they begin their university life, and helping them to maintain and deepen their faith and discipleship.

Rob, the SCM Connect Project Worker, is available to help with the following: 

  • Providing access to loads of free resources for your young people, including our Going to Uni Guide
  • Running workshops, bible studies and retreat days for your school or student group on a variety of themes
  • Facilitating networking with local churches and student groups to share resources and build relationships 
  • Ordering SCM branded marketing resources and publicity materials for SCM Connect
  • Sending twice yearly mailings with copies of Movement magazine and information about upcoming events 

You can get in touch with Rob by emailing or by contacting the office.