Speakers in Scotland


Emma Gardner, Christian Aid Scotland Regional Education Coordinator

Christian Aid; Majority World Poverty

CONTACT: http://bit.ly/1PQ0JM9


Heather Walton, SCM Friend, Lecturer in Creative Writing and Theology at Glasgow University (only available in Glasgow)

Theology and Creative Practice; Practical Theology; Feminist Theology

CONTACT: heather.walton@glasgow.ac.uk


Alastair Hulbert, SCM Friend, practical theologian, one-time SCM Scottish Secretary and European Secretary of WSCF

Europe; the European Union; Eduardo Galeano/Rescuing the Kidnapped Memory of Latin America;  Ivan Illich and his critique of civilisation; Selçuk Demirel- Cartoonist of Le Monde Diplomatique

CONTACT: mail@alastairhulbert.com; 0131 332 0008


Matt Jeziorski, Education and Outreach for Pax Christi

Peace; Nonviolence; Reconciliation

CONTACT: education@paxchristi.org.uk; 020 8203 4884


Graham Maule/John Bell/Jo Love, The Wild Goose Resource Group, Iona

Iona; Wild Goose Resources; various topics (see Iona website)

CONTACT: wgrg@iona.org.uk; 0141 429 7281


Beth Routledge/Jaye Richards-Hill, co-convenors of Changing Attitude Scotland

LGBT rights and the Anglican church

CONTACT: http://www.changingattitudescotland.org.uk/contact-page/


Elaine Downie, coordinator of the Scottish Poverty Truth Commission (someone with a firsthand experience of poverty may be sent to speak instead)

Poverty Truth Commission; Poverty in the UK

CONTACT: elaine@povertytruthcommission.org


Alastair McIntosh, Senior Honorary Research Fellow, Glasgow University & Edinburgh University (normally only Glasgow but will consider elsewhere)

Celtic spirituality, liberation theology, nonviolence, land reform

CONTACT: mail@alastairmcintosh.com


Alison Phipps, Lecturer at Glasgow University (very busy, may be unavailable)

Refugees and asylum seekers

CONTACT: alison.phipps@glasgow.ac.uk; 0141 330 5284


Jeyan Anketell, Self-Supporting CofE minister; trustee and Member of Council of Modern Church

Jeyan has a PhD in physics, is a voluntary reading assistant and was once a Lichfield City Councillor. He can speak on many subjects relating to physics and/or theology.

CONTACT: jeyan.anketell@ntlworld.com


Elli Kontoravvdis, Nourish Scotland

Church Action on Poverty; End Hunger UK campaign; Nourish Scotland



Action for Children

If you would like a visit from Action for Children, find a local speaker in this list.


Tim Baker, All We Can 

International relief and development work as a faith-based movement – biblical and theological reflections on social justice and what we can do about global poverty. 

+44 (0) 1977 616828  t.baker@allwecan.org.uk